An Open Letter to the Humans of Earth

 Hello Denver Friends,

As you know and have surely experienced since the start of the Covid era, most things in our lives have become more difficult, more confusing, more exhausting, certainly weirder and often more tragic. Everybody has been affected in some way, and these challenges will likely continue for some time. As restaurant owners, we understand that our place is creating  a momentary relief from the bullshit world of reality. Restaurants should make our lives better. Everyday, we accept that challenge and do everything we can to create that respite from reality. Often, we succeed and sometimes we fail. Restaurants and bars are never easy to run well. It is exponentially harder now.

Please understand that our philosophy is and always will be “to do the right thing”. Sometimes, the right thing is simple and obvious. Lately, it is more often complicated and messy. There will be days where everything feels and works like it should and all is well. But there will be days where we are short-staffed, or out of your favorite dish, or have to close because nobody can come to fix our walk-in cooler, or the deliveries just don’t show up. And perhaps days when we simply need to take a breath so we can carry on into the future. We are giving it our full effort and will continue to do so.

Please check our social media accounts to make sure we are not closed. We are doing our best every week to operate within our posted hours. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5pm-10pm and Friday and Saturday 5pm-11pm, but it does not always happen. Thanks for listening. Good chat. Carry on.

Thank you for the support!

Dana, Tabatha, Tony, and the SMB Crew